Branches / Warehouses

Strong system for adding unlimited multiple branches and then extract statements or reports and budgets, work for each branch individually or for the entire company's branches combined.
Supports multi-warehouse and you can create an infinite number of Warehouses with the possibility of developing authority of each warehouse.
Entry of financial transactions in Al Nafiza Accounting Software not limited to a single box; where they can specify cash box account or other accounts related to transaction.

Users & Authorities

Create an unlimited variety of users to work with your team and keep full control over your data.
The system administrator or who have the permission can specify the validity and the distribution of users tasks of the system separately, and choose from more than 1,500 validity for each user & can define authority of the work on the basic level of data types and sub transactions and all the lists.
You can review the work of each user as well as a review of the changes that has the level of each movement.

Networking / Cloud

Al Nafiza is a multi-user software with the possibility of work for more than one user at the same time on the same data.
This accounting software allows linking of branches in several ways and including LAN / VPN / Static IP and other methods.
The branches also can be linked using a cloud environment through the cloud version of the Al Nafiza - Enterprise Edition with the use of the software interface, in this case the cloud platform could be used without the worry of connection problems and any  other problems.

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Transaction window
Report template
User Authority
Most users of the Al Nafiza accounting software are happy with the program and the service provided to them and we are achieving results approaching the five-star evaluation. When a random sample of 50 users of the software took & were asked about their views on the program after using the program for more than 6 months. The results as shown in the graph contrast